A better way.

Where many more talented filmmakers are supported throughout the entire creation and distribution process. Where collaborators band together to help turn great ideas into even better content realities. Where a large audience of supporters directly influences the diversity of narrative pieces and how they experience them.

Welcome to the Member's Media, Ltd. Cooperative. 

A Studio System for independent narrative media where creators maintain control over their work and the Studio is owned by the entire film community. Helping indie creators succeed through community-driven mentorship, collaboration, funding, and audience engagement. 


You need to be involved if you are an independent;

Creator (filmmaker, writer-producer) who wants access to the necessary resources and strategy to further the development of your projects and to cooperatively and efficiently build an ultra-engaged and highly supportive audience.

Collaborator (talented artist, actor, or crew member) with a specialized skill who wants more opportunities to collaborate on groundbreaking content and be recognized for the key work you do. 

Supporter (audience member, streaming aficionado, independent film fan) who wants your time and attention to be valued, and to have input on the quality independent films/documentaries/episodics being produced.

Mentor (experienced filmmaker, organizer or teacher) who wants to share your knowledge and experience by providing talented creators with the guidance they need to succeed.

Photo Commentary : 

BUILD IT : The Hollywoodland sign was initially erected to advertise a housing development in 1923. It wasn't until 1949 that "land" was removed from the sign. Over time it grew to represent an ideal of the centralized Film & TV production machine located in Southern California. It could be argued that there is no such thing as Hollywood anymore. Movies are made all over. Why then, do we continue to look to Hollywood's ghost when it comes to financing and distribution? Isn't it time we started fresh and created something better.

USE IT : There was a time when we had no real choice in what was made and how we watched it. For 75 years there was a content and distribution monopoly (in broadcast & cable television) driven by advertising revenue interests. Now with online direct distribution open to anyone, why is it much of the same? Why is content still filled with advertising and laced with privacy invasion tools? Why are audiences being interrupted, poked, prodded, and drilled into at an ever increasing rate? Is that how we really choose to experience content or are we unaware we have a choice?

OWN IT : Ultimately, no matter how good a product or service starts out, if it is controlled by other interests, those interests will ultimately be served. The only way to remedy this is ownership. Not a faux, your tweet counts, choose with your purchasing dollars kind of ownership, but built into governance, majority control, in the interest of the patron-owners kind of ownership. The beauty of this ownership is it comes with rights, responsibilities, and benefits much more than just financial.

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